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what do the colors represent?

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What does the colors in the cardmaker mean? Like white and black?

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Gosh u really are somethin, you could of have google it, but here i will explain;

Magic the Gathering has five distinct colors used to determine the strategy or overall theme of Gameplay. These colors are:

White: Focuses on healing and restoration, with the ability to utilize many smaller creatures quickly.
Blue: The power of control. Blue is all about not letting your opponent make his moves, and insuring your own. It also boasts some of the best draw power in the game.
Black: The color of death and decay. Black is about one thing, and one thing only: Winning. Even if it means having to hurt yourself in order to hurt your enemy more, or to hurt yourself to get more.
Red: The color of fire. Red has the ability to burn through your opponent's Life quickly, and mercilessly.
Green: The power of nature and growth, green focuses on sheer brute force, and power-ups, with the drawback that some of these cards have high converted mana cost.
So based on card effects u give your cards a color, you can hibrid them if they like belong to 2 colors(half-half).


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That's my favorite question in ALL of MtG, so allow me to explain it to you.

The colors are basically the bread'n butter of magic; Each color represents another mentality, another way of accomplishing your goals.

You gain mana from it's respective type of basic lands, of which there are five types: Mountains, Islands, Forests, Plains, and Swamps.


RED is the color of instinctive and emotional pragmatism. You basically destroy anything in sight and rush for quick victory.

The sources of red mana are generalized as mountains. Also red is known for having goblins, and seriously: That's sick.


BLUE is the color of mental power, exploring your own possibilities to use them to the fullest, while hindering your opponent. It is also the color least associated with direct creature combat.

The sources of blue mana are generalized as islands. Additionally, it is the only color to fully incorporate the countering of of other spells.


BLACK is the color of ambition, betrayal, death, evil, and style. Basically, it's like a combination of ALL colors, but EVIL.

The sources of black mana are generalized as swamps.


WHITE is the color of order, discipline- basically tons of Angels, Soldiers and holy stuff in general.

The sources of white mana are generalized as plains.


GREEN mana is about savage brutality and the natural order of live. Its also the color with most direct tools against artifacts and enchantments ("unnatural influence") and shares, sometimes even surpasses, the graveyard affinity of black cards. The sources of green mana are generalized as forests.


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I'm not even surprised that suddenly there is a post in between the initial question and my answer; I played two games of League while slowly writing in the pauses.

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