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[BFZ Standard] Jeskai Tempo

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1x Dragonmaster Outcast

3x Seeker of the Way

2x Soulfire Grandmaster

4x Mantis Rider



3x Wild Slash

1x Dispel

1x Fiery Impulse

2x Roast

2x Valorous Stance

4x Jeskai Charm

3x Exquisite Firecraft

2x Brutal Expulsion

2x Ojutai's Command

2x Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker

2x Treasure Cruise

1x Secure the Wastes



4x Flooded Strand

2x Prairie Stream

3x Battlefield Forge

3x Shivan Reef

4x Mystic Monastery

3x Island

3x Plains

3x Mountain



3x Radiant Flames

1x Dispel

1x Wingmate Roc

1x Valorous Stance

3x Disdainful Stroke

1x End Hostilities

2x Surge of Righteousness

2x Arashin Cleric

1x Felidar Cub


Trying to get things in order for the coming Game Day.


No intentions to edit the mana base for splashing different colours. At best I'd acquire 2 more Prairie Streams to replace 1 Island and 1 Plains.




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  • Cut both Anticipates, replaced with 1 Dispel 1 Firecraft
  • Swapped both Dig Through Time for Treasure Cruise, mainly due to me not being able to acquire them.
  • Swapped 2 Roast in side for 1 Wingmate Roc and 1 Felidar Cub.
  • Added 1 Radiant Flames and 1 Dispel in side
  • Changed 2-drop suite to 2 Soulfire 3 Seeker
  • Swapped 1 Wild Slash for 1 Fiery Impulse
  • Finally acquired 2 Arashin Cleric which Cleric of the Forward Order were standing in for.
  • Planning to swap the 2 Roast mainboard for Silkwraps when I get them.

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