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Backstory of my set

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I've started posting cards that I've created on the RnD post, as a set called Phoroas, and I'm putting the backstory here.
Phoroas takes place in a plane called Phoroas, duh.
In Phoroas, there are 6 tribes
Merfolk have found the ability to control time itself, and are focused on study
Vampires are master assassins who can turn any humanoid into a 'slave', a shell of the humanoid, without character, which will do its bidding
Guardians are a new race, who are excellent at defence and will guard their prosperous city with their lives
Goblins are a war tribe who spend their time making strategies and fighting in many wars.
Elves are a forest tribe who can tap into the mana in the land to create and to destroy.
All of these 5 tribes are fighting between each other.
Humans are the tribe that speaks for unity. They sent out ambassadors to the other 5 tribes, who were accepted and learned of their ways. The humans are trying to get the tribes to live in harmony, but it is not working.
Meanwhile, a nameless evil slumbers, but it's power is growing ...

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