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First card for my first deck.

* * * * - 1 votes Dimir Blue Black Encode

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Definitely helps for Murk! I'm re-thinking Grifost, but thanks for the help anyways.


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 Rather than 'Destroy,' it should say 'Bury.'  It's just a MtG thing, like it's not 'banish' or 'remove from play,' it's 'exile.'

This is false. Bury is an obsolete term which is no longer used in mtg. Destroy would be correct.


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Not much to add here, since Patstrick wrapped it up.

Maybe some balance issues:

Landremoval is STRONK and usually very expensive; TWO lands for three mana is just so delicious, Wizards would risk civil war just by printing this card.

Also despite being possible on white, it doesn't feel right to just destroy something or making its user sacrifice it. Instead try something like "{2}{w} exile target permanent that player controls"

to put it all into one effect.

I lied. I'm adding many things here.

The name is kind of misleading, since most people would assume, that his ability would interact with basic lands or something like that.

What about calling him "Grifrost the Aetherking" or something like that?


Why are you using the term bury? It's VERY outdated, nowadays cards usually say destroy.

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