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2 mana red creature / modern stapel

- - - - - modern red 2mana creature goblin

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Since we have been talking in the car back from a GPT modern we noticed that there is not realy a good 2 mana cost drop in modern for the collor red.


Blue has snapcaster

black has dark confidant

green has tarmogoyf

white had stoneblad mystic ( banned ) se we need on for this collor too

but Red does not realy has something like this so I thought of a card like this 


1 red mana and 1 collorless


for a 2/2 creature


it has haste , persist and when eh enters the battlefield he does 1 dmg to target creature or player






what do you think of this is this:


- overpowered

- not good in modern

- not a stapel

- useless

- ...


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I'm not playing Modern (although it is one of the few modes in which my decks are usually legal),

but doesn't it seem like this combination of abilities a bit strong on a 2-drop?

It's like a one card-combo. If your opponent is unlucky enough to have a X/1 on the board, this 'lil daredevil can just

burn a creature and attack in its first turn. If you come to use its persist, that are like four damage for 2 mana; That's no longer value, that's GOLD!


Why persist anyway? It's not that much of a groundbreaking/strong mechanic (at least since Undying, Geralf still too stronk!).

You know what I would go for?

Haste, whenever [whateverthefuckitsnamed] enters the battlefield or is put into a graveyard from play, it deals 1 damage to target player or creature.


Btw, what about Ash  Zealot and Blood Knight? Aren't they viable 2-drops (or are they like banned for whatever reason or something?)

Anyway, I like that you're actually concerned about cards missing to the current pool, instead of posting some kind of random ideas.




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well they are not banned but they cost double red and are not stapels for modern at all they don't do enough damage since this is a good card it can easyly be played in red deck wins and goblins

and for that it will again be a played deck and not a rogue deck.

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