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Leng, Librarian of Phyrexia

- - - - - Leng Artifact Tutor Colorless Creature Interresting Rare

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Hey, I had this idea of what Leng would be like if he were an actual card, what is your take on this rendition?

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I think this is kinda good but as always i wont reccomend enough to use mse to create your cards its free its usefull and you get more option for cards that you can even imagine for example artifact borders for the card itself almost every flaws it have can be fixed with mse the other flaws are that i think phyrexia are the most craziest guys in mtg universe they came out with the most crazy effect that are so weird but good at the same time but for me this guy just look like a almost normal librarian with a normal librarian effect. 


Overall, good effect, but non fitting faction (for my taste but don't take anything i say for cash) 


Can't wait to see you next work or update 


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I agree. How is this? Btw, I do intend to get MSE, but for now, this is all I've got.

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Once you got rid of the Phyrexian-part the ability fit perfectly. But you might take two minor tweaks:

The type artificer is nothing that comes to mind if you think of a librarian (outside of such factions as Phyrexia or Esper, of course). Wouldn't it make more sense to make him an advisor?

Also he has no toughness at the moment. a 2/0 creature would die instantly, if not boosted by a passive effect of another card.


The only thing that really confuses me, is how it is not really Unglued, well except for his BRAIN turning into a BOOK (weird kind of ascendence :/)

Other than that, i really appreciate your work.



For reason I assumed to be in the unglued section. It's 11 am and I'm browsing a MtG cardmaker forum in my undies; I should really get going to do anything today... Mybe some coffee would be a great first step.

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