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Akali (from League of Legends)

Akali League of Legends Green Black Creature Twilight Shroud

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ALRIGHT! I know there has to be

League of Legends fans on here...

Well, here you go. This is my first of many LoL MTG cards. :D

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And i would like to know how i get more space to upload more cards.

I guess I am already out of file size space to upload any more pictures.


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I know what you're going for, but it has to be rewritten/changed.

Although it's an unglued card, if you are going for authenticity you have to mind the color schemes:

In this case, we have green, the power of raw, feral might and overflowing mana, and black, the color that

is always attempting to dominate and uses every means necessary to get the job done.

Having played League of Legends I can assure you, that (despite her green outfit) Akali is no green card at all,

shes actually a totally black creature, so I would take out the green mana cost.

Her first ability doesn't make much sense on either of those colors (tapping is a matter of white and blue, for the most part)

but since this is meant to be an evasion of enemy blockers to attack the actual player (I think) you can just replace it with

"Target creature an opponent controls can't block until end of turn."

Herr second ability doesn't need it's ingame-name printed out, despite being pretty flavorful.

Instead just write "Akali gains Hexproof until end of turn", and change it's costs to {g}{1} (since this kind of evasion is more typical for green than for black).

You could also add Deathtouch, just for the lolz.

Maybe consider making her cost {3}{b}?


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yea, thanks ill look into changing up that card. :)


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Also if you're making multicolored cards better use the golden cardframe, otherwise it's utterly confusing.

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