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Hey, everyone! Again, I'm new to the forums, and I recently realized it would be really awesome to make Magic cards inspired by League of Legends. I personally love to make themed cards based off of other games, shows, or movies (I used to make tons of Star Wars-themed Yu-Gi-Oh! cards a few years ago), and I thought League would be perfect for Magic cards.


I know a lot of these cards are probably heavily overpowered because of disproportionate mana costs, but I was not designing these cards based on balanced mana costs; I wanted to design these cards with very interesting and unique abilities that characterize their individual play styles in League of Legends. (I hope I hit that mark.)


If you have suggestions or constructive criticism on mana costs or abilities or anything like that, please let me know, as I would love to make these cards realistic and balanced as much as possible but to also keep a thematic play style to their League of Legends characteristics.

Thank you so much; I really would love to hear what people think of these cards.


(All art is taken from the official League of Legends champion splash arts, all illustrated by various artists.)


By the way, does anyone know if there is a keyword that fits the description of something along the lines of "(When ~ destroys a creature, put a +1/+1 counter on it.)"? If there is, I would love to put that keyword on Akali, the Fist of Shadow to minimize her rules text. Also, if there are any clarification errors on any of my cards, please let me know.

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Hey a fellow league player right here!. Lets start the critic


- Just to be sure, do you know that when a creature block or become block does not mean they are fighting because fighting only make two creatures (one you control and one you dont control) deals their power has damage and even if your creature has first strike iit wont help it. ( here the link the the ability http://magiccards.info/dka/en/83.html)


I think with this some of your card will be fixed


-Second point some card dont really fit the color pie maybe making some of them two color would make them more belivable (here link to color pie explain (vaguely)http://mtgsalvation....com/Color_Pie).


-For Yasuo giving it double strike instead of doubling his power would feel way more like the actual ult he does.


-You may want to remove shroud from talon since he can't target himself with his ability(shroud prevent that thing to happen) go with hexproof it does the same thing but only for your opponent.


That all i have to say for now ill comeback later in the day to complete it.

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Hey, man, thank you a ton for all of the suggestions and critiques. I'm gonna update the original post right after this message, but I updated abilities and tried to fix the "fight target creature" mechanic to work better. I'm not sure if the way I did it would be actually viable, but it's a start, and I want to keep these cards updated and accurate when I can. If it's not viable, I will try to find a way to fix them.


I will try to work on the color pie of the cards when I can. The reason I didn't originally is because I liked the idea of having an assassin each with their own representative color (Talon is blue, Katarina is red, Akali is green, etc.). I'll see if I can rework them better very soon (like pulling different colored mana for activated abilities).


Also, I knew the shroud/hexproof difference, but I always get confused on which is which. Thank you a lot for pointing that out; I fixed those cards. I also fixed Yasuo.


Another thing I noticed was that the way I was quoting flavor text, you only put the source of the quote if the person who speaks it is NOT the actual card name. So the champion name after all the quotes was completely unnecessary, lol. Also frees up some description space.


But anyway, thank you again for all the pointers. I'll try to update them more and add even more League cards. This batch was basically focused solely on assassin champions.

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