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Project SCP (084-1417) (help me! :3)

SCP containment breach 084 368 682 871 1471

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Hi there!- SO I have done my best to create a set of SCP creatures/artifacts/and spells with the intention of a strong board presence and game changing experience. However I could use some help fixing up text or balancing their abilities so please leave suggestions for me as every comment helps to make cooler and better cards! (apologies for size inconveniences)


Starting off in numerical order: SCP-084


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SCP - 084 was made with the intention to have your creatures and artifacts "die" as the file states and then has them come straight back to life but for a second! (at least that's what I remember reading...) It completely changes the game state and makes for unique game experience. This may need help on wording.



SCP - 368


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With the ability to photo-copy and make clones...

Two words: token spam. probably should change that mana cost but the only reason i'm hesitant to that is because of the life you have to pay to keep cranking out tokens.


SCP - 682


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Devastatingly large creature that can is very hard to destroy?

For the mana cost I feel like it's as deadly as it could be but suggestions are always welcome.


(Favorite SCP) SCP - 871

(uhm I don't know where the X went in its mana cost so kinda pretend its there (lol))


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Kill yourself with cake or stalemate the game I love it. course I never really thought about this SCP playing out in game so It could use some help... (probably going to change that 100 life to~ 50)


Lastly SCP - 1471


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Very strange typing for a very strange SCP I could use some help with typing... anyway he is cheap because his ability is a very slow detain that can be stopped by counter decks (if those exist)...

(also I could use help to get a new image for this)


ANYWAY thanks for reading everything... tis late and I have started typing like a poet... g-guhnight everyone






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I know these aren't major suggestions, but:

*1471 should have the Black Background.

*Put spaces between your paragraphs.

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