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Just some Ravnican questions.

RavnicaGuild Flavor Goblins RULE Especially Krenko rules

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While building around with different color combinations I suddenly realized that (although I mostly play variations of red and green) my all time favorite game-feel is B/W, in particular the actual Orzhov-cards; The Return to Ravnica-Block in general is, hands down, one of my favorite Sets in MtG, just as the storyline and flavor of the plane in general are very entertaining and well thought out. Diving back into the matter of the Ravnica-Plane got me quite interested in the fact, that everyone I know naturally has his favorite guild he identifies the most with; Just as I'd tend to be a fat capitalistic Orzhov, if given the opportunity, I'd like to ask the lot of you fellow MtG-Players in this forum what guild you prefer (or chose, in case any of you did partake in the online-guild-choosing-thingy WotC did, when the set was new).


Also one of the many reasons to like Ravnica:

It's home to the most awesome goblin-boss EVER!




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Although it does not host my favorite card, I am 100% devoted to the guild Boros. Their simple, warlike and decisive tactics intrigue me, and I have discovered its secret- DON'T USE ANYTHING THAT COSTS MORE THAN 4. With this guild and this rule, I have conquered many an opponent, at one point my friends called me "Boros" instead of my real name.

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You can be proud of that achievement; The only thing I get called, whenever I play my Orzhov-Deck, is asshole.

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