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"Highland" Cards

- - - - - Red Blue Highland Custom Set

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I'm new here, but I've been using the cardmaker for... uh, like... hmm...


Moving on.


This is the first time I've set out to make a complete set of cards, and it has been one hell of an endeavor, I tell you what. A lot of them seem a bit overpowered to me, though. Anyway, take a looksee and tell me what you think.


I'm pretty sure some of this artwork has already been used on actual cards, and some of them are missing a symbol... but whatever. I spent hours looking for the perfect artwork -.-


I looked these over, and I see a pretty incredible synergy between the creatures. I'm starting to think that I should have made more of them rares, but I'm too lazy to go edit them. I'd have to remake the whole thing, because I made these all BEFORE I actually made an account...

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Archangel Seria is broken as shit. All permanents also includes Lands, Enchantments, and Artifacts, so depending on the progression of a game thi scan result in an instant 10 - 14 damage (at least) for just two mana, followed up by a devastating attack, since tapped creatures can't block. For blue red, this card seems way to creature-oriented.


Child of Nature doesn't fit blue either. I'd recommend making it green, giving its ability an additional cost of {1}{g}, and renaming it into something more creative.


Cipher is not expensive enough. Also It's name is shared by a keyworded mechanic, which can get confusing.


Death valley is crazy. Effects and abilities like this should never be on a land. Remember: They are FREE. Turn one, bang! The lifegaining-part doesn't fit red.


Dragon Rider needs some serious rework. I'd recommend making it 1/1, setting its bonus to +2/+0 and allowing you to search your deck for a dragon ONCE, when it enters the battlefield.


Energy Siphon... Just scrap the idea. You've to be careful with this kind of card. Also, it's cheap as fuck for only two.


Other than that Exalted Mermaid doesn't look very exalted at all, it might be necessary to increase it's cost to {2}{u}{u}, as well as {1}{u} for her ability.


Exalted Phoenix doesn't make much sense. Also it's not very much aligned to its color.


Gatherer of Wisdom is superstrong. Just don't make direct fetching for only two mana. It's sacrilegious.


Hell's Rider is too strong and not even very creative. It's just a 3/3 with TONS of keywords (some of which don't even match the color and flavor of the card). Especially its first ability is too strong.


Most of the rest are pretty bland and forgettable, especially the highland-cards. You keep mentioning the Highlands, but that's not enough to create Flavor...

My advice: Try to focus more on making fewer cards, with a higher standard of quality, especially regarding the flavor. Give us something to DIVE into, create a world, think it through.

Just try to work with more attention to detail. Maybe you should go through some existing cards to get a better hold of how the colors behave and the game works.




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Like I said, overpowered -.-


I see what you mean about Seria, too. I can't believe I didn't notice that when I was making the card. As for Dragon Rider, I'll probably increase his cost and change the search like you said, but he's staying at 1/5. I'm considering changing the mermaid's cost and ability cost, but I kinda like the concept of the phoenix. And yeah, cipher IS a keyword, isn't it? Crap.


I could change Death Valley to an enchantment and make it gold. That's probably what I'll do. Now, I disagree with you on Hell's Rider, except for vigilance. That is mainly a white keyword, but it'll probably stay that way.


I know how the colors behave and how they interact with each other, and I DEFINITELY understand the game, very thoroughly. I say, I'm kind of offended >.<


But thanks for the criticism, I'll consider that. 

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