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I call it, Akroan Chimera Master

Izzet red/blue young pyromancer akroan crusader spellheart chimera deck standard theros

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Its considered a spell aggro deck i guess

Consists of a lot of tokens



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Do you really need the Akroan Crusader? Don't get me wrong; You call it Akroan Chimera Master, I see where you're going,

but you can do fairly better without them.

For example Goblin Electromancer, Nivix Cyclops, Armed/Dangerous (although just for the red part).

You don't need to waste the buffs, that could be used on your chimera instead.

You should also be VERY careful with the Swan Song; since your main-source of damage is Spellheart Chimera, you are basically giving your opponent free blockers.

Two swan songs, and he has enough blockers to kill off one of your creatures, without wasting any of his own mana or cards.


Just a question: Does your deck NEED to be Standard-Legal, or are you playing kitchen table?
I and my friends usually play like "everything goes", and it's horrific.



My attempt on this deck would be to take out

4x Akroan Crusader

1x Titan's Strength
1x Young Pyromancer

2x Coordinated Assault


And instead go for

3x Goblin Electromancer

3x Nivix Cyclops

2x Talrand, Sky Summoner



The one problem you have at this moment, is your weak creature base.

Sure you can spam tokens over the time, but all your buffs are just "until end of turn". You already do try to get the best of it, 

but Akroan Crusader just doesn't do the job; He's at his best in BorosEnchantmentAggro, featuring Massive Raid and Ethereal Armor.


Electromancers drastically reduce your manacosts, Talrand optimizes your Token army and the Cyclopses benefit the chimeras, leading the first wave of attack,

when your spells are not in the graveyard, yet; Cyclopses are also exquisite targets for Aqueous Form.


Hope I could help or give you some inspiration.


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And I forgot to mention that you could replace two Swan Songs with Izzet Charms.

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