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Challenge Deck | Call of Cthulhu

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There isnt really a casual location to post custom cards that aren't specifically broken or overpowered, so I'm putting them here. Please feel free to move this to a more suitable location, moderators.

Still working on exact counts for each card in the deck. I'm thinking 1 of each of the Gods probably.

Challenge Deck Rules:

  • Cthulhu, and 1, 2, or 3 Cthulhu Statue cards start on the battlefield.
  • If the challenge deck would draw a card, it does not.
  • The challenge deck has no life total and takes no damage.
  • The challenge deck cannot accumulate poison counters.
  • Challange Deck Creatures cannot attack unless a card or ability says so.
  • If a challenge deck card would be put from anywhere into any zone other than the graveyard by an opponent's card or effect, put it in the graveyard instead.
  • Ignore any other effects that don't make sense.

Player Rules:

  • Each player has their own Life Total and Deck.
  • Players do not share control of permanents.
  • The players take their phases and turns at the same time.
  • Player creatures target creatures for attacks, not the challenge deck itself.
  • The players win when Cthulhu leaves the battlefield.
  • The players lose if each player's life total drops to or below 0.





The Deck:



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