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Challenge Deck | I Am Your Solace

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Solace is an OC of mine that I put in every one of my headcanons for everything I do. He is a malignant being, drawn by madness and insanity and a player of games. Now, he's come to the world of MtG as the Prince of Mad Planes. Here, his power is limited by lands, just like other Planeswalkers. But with the power of his nonbasic lands, and colorless abominations, he is a force of great power.



  • The Challenge Deck starts with Solace, Prince of Madness on the battlefield. The challenge deck draws 7 cards as normal; it cannot take mulligans.
  • The Challenge deck cannot play cards from their hand except by a card or effect. 
  • The challenge deck has no life total and takes no damage.
  • If a challenge deck card would be moved from one zone to another by a card effect owned by a challenger, it is put into the graveyard instead.
  • The challenge deck loses when Solace, Prince of Madness, leaves the battlefield.
  • The challenge deck wins when each challenger's life total is reduced to 0 or less.

Mythics: 1 of each



Rares: 3 of each



Uncommons: 4 of each



Commons: 6 of each



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