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MTG Anime Deck Set (In Development)

Fun Proxy Printing Deck Sets Local

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So I'm not on my computer so I don't have any of the cards with me to upload- but I have 8 ready so far. Anyway.... details. 




So my friend wanted me to show him how to print out proxies of fake cards he found on the web. This guy is new to magic so he didn't know that these cards he found on the web were, in short, unplayable. So I offered to make him cards myself. Then, another pair of my friends declared they wanted in. So I proposed we all make anime decks. We are thinking of making decks out of the following TV shows:


Attack on Titan


Gurren Lagann


My Little Pony (Yeah, I know it's not a true anime, but we have brony in the group, so I'm making an exception.)


Undecided (most likely Full metal Alchemist or Sword art Online)


And More (the amount of people we have wanting to do this is increasing daily)


That's the first thing I would like to hear from you guys on- what other anime do you guys think could be made into MTG decks smoothly? Now I also have some plans here, I'll be making one different topic for each anime- so as to let viewers of one show not be scared off by spoilers for other shows. Basically, I will have one topic for each anime, with links on this page to each one, so as for viewer convenience. 


The Cards


One I'm on my computer I'll start right off on the Gurren Lagann post, for now I'l just say this: I'm trying to capture the essence of the characters in the anime, as far as colors go. I am also trying to keep it within the range of a viable deck, and keep it's power level in check with all the other decks. Quite a difficult task. So if anyone has suggestions, I'M GOING TO NEED THEM. 




I would like to hear back from you guys on anything here- Any ideas? Questions? Comments?


Even if you just want to bash at my ideas, go ahead, I'll just accept it as constructive criticism and use it to making these decks better. 


(I'll try to have the Gurren Lagann post up within a few hours)


If you want to use the cards I post here, feel free! Also, if you want to help me, I am always looking for more people to collaborate with- I don't care how good you are, I'll work with you!


Thanks everyone! (Especially if you took the time to read this, I know it was long)

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I support this idea, sounds like fun, and looks like a big project. Good luck with it. I will start with Bleach, i may help with SAO, FMA and AOT. But just help not do the whole set. Anyway hear ya




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I can try and do Ao No Exorcist if you want, or One piece.

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